Evansville Kennel Club

Evansville Kennel Club is located in Evansville Indiana. It is one of the clubs that make up the Kentuckiana Cluster Of Shows held every March, which include four all breed dog shows, agility and obedience. The Cluster has long been ranked in the top ten of Dog shows according to entries each year. The club also has a show in July each year–the River City Cluster of Shows which is a three-day event. Evansville Kennel Club also hosts educational seminars, matches, and Canine Good Citizen Testing. The members are hard working and dedicated people who offer education to the public regarding purebred dogs. The club hopes that by supporting community activiites like the Evansville Dog Park, it will raise awareness about the health and well being of our pets.

Evansville Obedience Club

The Evansville Obedience Club was first formed in 1971 by five hard working and insightful people who were committed to their dogs. Obedience classes were held in the Basement of the old Evansville Courthouse. In 1974, EOC held their first sanctioned AKC obedience match. In January of 1976, some members appeared on a local television show to explain and demonstrate dog obedience and its benefits.

The Agility Club of Evansville

The Agility Club of Evansville is located in Evansville, IN and was formed in 1995 with the primary focus on agility and flyball. However, ACE members are also active in obedience, tracking, conformation, herding, therapy work, and search & rescue.

TriState K9 University

The K9 Community Tri-State K9 University, Inc is a locally owned venture. As members of the community we feel it is our responsibility to be leaders in giving something back to the place we call home. Educators as well as animal lovers, we strive to make this a better world for those animals less fortunate. In addition to helping canine parents, Tri-State K9 University, Inc. is involved with helping rescue organizations and animal shelters with behavioral counseling, K9 Rehabilitation, and training. We also sponsor fundraisers for local animal welfare agencies on a regular basis. Our Mission Owning a dog is a privilege. Once someone has experienced the depth of a dog’s love or the unconditional devotion and joy a dog brings to a relationship, they often choose to live the rest of their life with a dog in their home. Enrollment at Tri-State K9 University, Inc. will ensure that you have a healthy and rewarding relationship with your pet. Just as no two people are alike, no two dogs are alike. That is why we offer personalized, individual programs designed around your lifestyle and your pet’s temperament. Our mission is to encourage and educate canine owners to become and maintain pack leadership for all canine companions.