– Owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs
– Limit three dogs per person
– Dogs must be on a leash when entering and exiting the Park
– Pay attention to your dog 
– A friendly dog may intimidate a more passive dog
– Be ready to call off your dog if it becomes too pushy
– Your dog must be under your voice control at all times
– You must stay at the Park with your dog
– Never leave a dog unattended
– Aggressive dogs are prohibited
– NO Choke or Pinch collars left on during play
– You must fill any hole dug by your dog
– NEVER let a non-Member into the Park
– Dogs must wear a collar with identification during every visit to the Park
– If you are a city resident your city tag is required
– All dogs must be properly vaccinated
– Don’t bring a female dog that is in heat, to the Park
– Puppies (under 4 months) are not allowed
– You must be ten (10) years of age or older to enter the Park
– Don’t bring food into the Park
– Glass containers are prohibited
Always clean up after your dog !!