Quotes  The dog park has been a long time coming. Many hurdles had to be overcome. The park is a welcome place for our dogs to meet other dogs and run loose. Not everyone has a fenced in area for their dogs. I always enjoy the park more when other dogs are there and watch them greet familiar dogs and run and play.  Quotes
Nancy McGuyer


Quotes   The Evansville Dog Park is supported by its members not only financially but also by the care that goes in to it. I had visited the park area once and recently decided that we wanted to become members so I went to a meeting to learn about the park. I learned that it is completely volunteer ran, no support from the city/county at this point. It is a small organization but the volunteers that were at the meeting have a wonderful vision for the center but they need more help. So I encourage all the current members to be a part of the park in a bigger way, it needs the members to be successful. Think about how you can help by asking yourself, what is your area of expertise? When you visit it what do you think it needs and how can you help the park achieve it. The park belongs to the members, members support what they belong too.  Quotes
Jenn Wigginton
Community Supporter


Quotes  We have wanted a safe place for our pup to run and play for a while. She had so much fun she actually fell asleep on the way home! Thank you for a fun, safe, and clean place for dogs to play and meet other fur friends! We are happy members!  Quotes
Happiest Puppy Playground!